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Eyra Abraham speaking with microphone in hand at the Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto.
Photo courtesy of ScaleHR

Disability Inclusion Talks

Society can shape the stories that we tell ourselves. Sometimes, those stories create barriers when engaging people with disabilities. This training is to generate new stories that foster disability inclusion and for companies that aim to build allyship, create a high-performing team, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Participants at the end of the training should:
* Recognize stereotypical beliefs they hold about people with disabilities; * Learn new perspectives on accommodation to promote equity;
* Build new inclusion practices and collaboration skills with people with disabilities and
* Develop empathy for the lived experience and the physical and digital barriers people often experience.
Something magically happens when you bring people with disabilities to the table. People with disabilities play a large part in innovation that many are unaware of. This training will help attendees gain an appreciation for disability inclusion and the role it plays in modernization.

At the end of the training, participants should:
* Gain an appreciation of past innovations that we use today;
* Learn when innovation goes wrong and why,
* Market signals and where opportunities lie and
* Develop an awareness of tech, AI, and the impact on people with disabilities.
This presentation aims to educate attendees on how AI works, the roadblocks to using some AI technologies, from hiring to productivity tools, and what can be done to continue to accommodate people with disabilities in the workplace.

Attendees will be engaged on the following topics:
* Learn various examples of AI applications to support individuals with disabilities.
* Develop technical expertise to evaluate AI systems critically, identify potential biases, and take suitable measures to mitigate barriers.

Photo courtesy: McGill University (from Flickr) Eyra on the stage in front of a podium (Made by McGill), brick background will red holiday light and decor. A large screen with Eyra's profile picture to the left can be seen leaning on the brick wall.
Photo courtesy of McGill University Alumni

What Others Are Saying


Eyra Abraham brings her whole self to every conversation. She is committed to her work and devoted to helping others understand how they can improve experiences for people with disabilities.
At #a11yTO, we encourage learning, sharing experiences and ideas, providing solutions, and collaboration towards building more inclusive digital products. Eyra’s attitude and presentation style match our values.

Oskar Westin

Co Organizer, #a11yTO


Eyra is not only a fantastic communicator, but also a pleasure to work with. Her presentation on how technology can empower people of all abilities brought a much-needed discussion to FWD50, and gave thousands of public servants from around the world a unique insight into the importance of digital innovation.

Alistair Croll

Conference Chair, FWD50 and bestselling author

Toronto Womxn in Data Science

Toronto Womxn in Data Science was honoured to have Eyra as a speaker at our annual conference twice! Eyra is knowledgeable and engaging and a joy to work with. Her unique combination of AI and tech knowledge and being an accessibility advocate is priceless. Each time she’s presented, we’ve received positive feedback from attendees highlighting her teaching moments. We look forward to booking Eyra as she always brings fresh new perspectives and ideas to a field that overlooks the unique needs of those with disabilities.

Kishawna Peck

Founder, Toronto Women in Data Science

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