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TITLE: AI solutions in the disability market

DESCRIPTION: We often hear news and stories of where AI has gone wrong. However, AI is positively changing the landscape of adaptive and assistive technologies for people living with disabilities. This presentation will highlight the latest successes and positive impact brought by new emerging, innovative technology using AI.

TITLE: From our view: A perspective of someone living with a disability in the workplace

DESCRIPTION: People with disabilities are often most vulnerable to health and safety in the workplace. Examining issues that stem from stigma and biases, exploring how to engage people of various disabilities, and improving workplace accommodation will put organizations on a better path to assist the well-being of their employees. This presentation will leave you becoming a better advocate for people who are living with a disability in your workplace.

ABSTRACT:We often use buzzwords like diversity, inclusion, belonging without knowing what is the real experience, especially for people living with a disability. In reality, there is no one-size fit all when it comes to workplace health and safety. That’s why it is essential to understand what may be holding the organization back from assisting people with a disability.

This presentation will give a unique perspective on the workplace challenges for people living with a disability. It will address and may challenge, some of the practices and strategies in your organization. You will leave this presentation in a better position to advocate for people with a disability and increase job performance and satisfaction.

Topic covered:

  • Exploring workplace discrimination
  • Engaging people living with a disability
  • Workplace accommodation solutions