As a founder of an AI tech company, consultant, and speaker, I devote my time to democratizing access to information and increasing inclusion from marginalized communities. I’m driven to help change-makers whose mission is positively impacting the world and those who want to leverage AI to advanced technologies for equitable access.

I launched a startup changing the landscape of adaptive technologies for people with hearing loss to gain equal access at home, at work and in our community. My startup co-created a sound awareness app helping people “hear” critical sounds (like door knocks, fire alarms etc.) calling for their attention.

I’m currently a technical committee member for plain language with Accessibility Standards Canada and a steering committee member for Start Access, an initiative on AI equity with the American Association of People with Disabilities. I also participate as a board member with the Creative Users Projects, a digital network for disabled and deaf artists.

You can see me in the media, particularly Global News, TVOntario, Globe and Mail, and CBC. I’m among Canada’s 100 Black Women to Watch (2019).

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