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Eyra Abraham is an entrepreneur, marketing maven and visionary. She is a founder of a startup, Lisnen, a mobile alerting device for the deaf and hard of hearing. In addition, she’s a recipient for Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to watch for 2019. She is a true problem solver with a rich perspective on ways to champion a service, product or a cause. As a marketing consultant, she helps forward-thinking organizations take their big ideas into realities. She’s spoken publicly for Canadian University Software Engineering Conference, Women in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Geek, and Stand Up for Passion. Eyra volunteers her time for not-for-profit organizations and has provided IT support for a mission to help children in Nicaragua with access to good education. Eyra’s love for travel has led her to visit ten countries as yet.

Eyra graduated from Bournemouth University with a Master of Science in Tourism and Events Management. She is also a PRINCE2 project management practitioner.

Believe in oneself and knowing who you are, that’s the foundation of everything great.

- Jay Z -


8years of experience
35projects completed
9554hours of work
479red wine (Malbec)


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