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/ I’m Eyra Abraham

In my work as a founder of an AI tech company, consultant, and speaker, I devote my time to democratizing access to information and participation for people living with a disability and showcasing opportunities through technology. I welcome challenging work and love projects that have a positive impact on our society.

Believe in oneself and knowing who you are, that’s the foundation of everything great.

- Jay Z -


/Career Journey

Oct 2007

M. Sc, Tourism & Events Management

Bournemouth University

1st class with distinction thesis: "Defining Corporate Themed Events: An Investigation into the Rational for the Usage of Theming in Events."

B.Sc, Computer Science

McGill University

Undergraduate degree

Oct 2002
Dec 2017

Founder/CEO of Lisnen Inc.

Making lives better for the deaf and hard of hearing communities

Toronto startup: Assistive device for the deaf and hard of hearing

Oct 2019

Canadian International African Diaspora Summit

Toronto, October 12, 2019

International Women - Leadership & Empowerment Brunch: Bridging the gaps; United for our youth.  

AI solutions in the disability market

Toronto, September 25, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Geeks  

Sep 2019
Jul 2019

Top 100 Black Women to Watch


Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada (2019)

Machine Learning within the Disability Market

Toronto, March 23, 2019

Women in Data Science  

Mar 2019
Jan 2019

The Unintentional Innovation (How disability fuels modern tech innovations)

Montreal, April 12, 2019

Canadian University Software Engineering Conference  

On My Own Terms: I Can’t Be Defined

Toronto, July 19, 2018

Stand Up for Passion  

Jul 2018


30projects completed
10000hours of work
12country traveled
479red wine (Malbec)


/Companies and Projects

My work: past, present and future.


65%Public Speaking
85%Strategic & Digital Marketing
80%Product Development
85%Artificial Intelligence